Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cakes and Crunches

Busy household, that's what we have had.  Who knew that with 1 less child, I would be even busier than usual, lol.  Where to start? I can't remember if I told you al that YaYa has gone to Nova Scotia to visit family and help with Aunt J's new bebe.  She is gone for a month, and my house is not the same without her.  She is having fun though, I am happy to report, she has been swimming and playing with her cousins and just enjoying the family time.

So while she has been gone, we have been spending afternoons at our local library, doing the "Summer Splash" story time.  Chaos is too young do actually participate, but he has fun listening to the stories.  And I have been checking out books constantly on cake making.  Supernan started golf lessons on Tuesday, he is truly enjoying it.  And swimming lessons start on Monday at Hanmore Lake.  BTW, if you get a chance to come to the "Lakeland" area in Alberta, we have a ton of lakes for you to visit, swimming and fishing galore!

And as for me, I have been making cakes, birthdays mostly, but I am starting the flowers for A's wedding cake.  I am slightly nervous about it, but I have total faith that I can do a spectacular job.  As for the crunches, I have totally contradicted myself by making cakes and then working out, lol.  But at least I am not eating all the cakes that I make.  I feel fitter and better!

I would love some comments, and to know what you are up to.

Until tomorrow, Have a great day and enjoy the summer!

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