Saturday, April 9, 2011


Just a quick note, as I run out the door.  My email and blog was recently hacked.  I am not quite sure what was sent out, but I know I am not thrilled with it.  Also, my blog was temporarily deleted this morning too.  So if this in any way affects you, please let me know.

Have a happy Saturday, enjoy the weather (sorry for the snow Kimbo).

Later dudes!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Day Off!!!!! Finally..........

So I finally have an actual day off, not just  day that I don't have to leave my house at 7 am.  So let's see what's on the agenda for today, shall we?

I have already done 2 loads of laundry, and went through all of the kids spring and summer clothes.  Don't worry, I'm not gonna jinx us all by putting away the winter clothes quite yet, I just have 2 MASSIVE containers of clothes for the 3 of them, I thought since they are still on spring break and I am not working, that we would see what fits and get rid of what doesn't.  It will also curb my enthusiasm for shopping, and buying them things that they already have.  I am on my way to finally wash the winter off my van, and out of it.  Then it's lunch time.

 Then because I have the best kids in the world, it's time for easter crafting.  Supernan told me that I was the BEST craft mamma in the world.  Now I know in real life it's not true (I have fun, but not always super together and creative), But when he said that, I was on top of the world.  Because in his eyes, it's true! And that makes me feel like a million bucks!

That's what I am doing on my "day off".  Is it 100% worth it? With comments like that, you betcha.

On a side note, sorry for the lack of actual pics, I am still having an internal debate on where to go with this.

Anyways, until tomorrow, Enjoy your day, Enjoy your family, and Enjoy the sun, I hope it's out for you too.  I know I certainly will!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Toast to Time Management

I am toast, I m exhausted.  Kudos to all the working mothers who work, and then come home to work again.  When I was younger I had the energy of a toddler and had no problem working more than 1 job.  Now however, I am so tired, I can't even be clever.  The words get a mixed up in my head and I end up sounded like a highly medicated senior.  See what I mean, still not clever.  

In an earnest attempt at something, although I am not quite sure what, I figured it would be a good idea to jump right back into the workforce, while still trying to maintain my household how I want, and adding some continuing education from home.  What a mess! Oh and making a feeble  attempt at keeping my blog going, and interesting?

I will prevail, I just need to get my bearings and learn to time manage a little bit better.

So now that I am done with my rant, I would love to hear what all my blog land friends have been up to.  Drop me a line, cause I feel a little lonely since I can't post every day.

Until tomorrow, Enjoy your day, Enjoy your Family and Happy April 5th!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Recollection Of Favs

Happy April Fools All!  Now normally we try to get up and play a nice trick on the kids, this year though, we forgot, it has been crazy hectic here in the Chaos household.  So I figured this morning, I would recollect my favorite April Fools tricks by friends and families.

1: Shortly after my friend's boy was born, her and her husband decided they would wait a while to have more.  Since he always played tricks on her, and never looked at the calendar, she decided to pull one over on him.  She found the perfect blue marker, the same color as the blue on a positive pregnancy test.  Low and behold, I don't think I have ever seen a more scared look on the face of a man.  Priceless.

2:  This one can be a bit messy, but funny too.  Saran wrap on the toilet seat.  Enough said.

And finally, 3:  Performed by me as a child.  I offered my grandfather some ice cream, and of course he accepted.  So off in to the kitchen I went, scooped together (and made it look real) some butter, plopped in a spoon and handed it over.  Now the fact that I was like 6 may have helped, but he actually started to eat it, and then everyone had a good laugh over it.  Priceless!

That's all for today, so until tomorrow, Enjoy your family, Enjoy your day, and Have fun with all of your trickery!